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Troy Chemical Celebrates 40 years!

Troy Chemical Celebrates 40 years!

Troy's First OfficeThe year was 1971. Dave Imhof had decided to leave the large multi-national chemical company where he worked and break out on his own. He talked a group of friends and investors into either contributing to the initial funding of the business or actually coming to work for the new, small chemical sales company headquartered in rural Ohio.
Troys First Manufacturing PlantAfter some initial success brought about by Dave’s network of contacts it was time to start manufacturing his own products.These humble beginnings tell an American success story based on hard work and good people who had both vision and values. Forty years later Troy is still, by most definitions, a small company. According to Lee Imhof, the company President, “We will never have the goal of being the largest chemical company. Our success has been, and will continue to be, based on placing our customer’s needs first.”

Today's PlantWhile we have had, and continue to have, some large, well-recognized companies as customers, most of our customers are small to medium size businesses who need a partner to help them manage their chemical use. As we enter into the next 40 years we do plan to grow the Troy Chemical business, and we are committed to ensuring that that growth never sacrifices the service and customer-facing approach that differentiates Troy in the specialty chemicals markets.