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Best Conversion Coatings

Best Conversion Coatings

Having access to the best materials always makes running a business much easier.  Quality conversion coatings can make all the difference in your day-to-day business.  Troy Chemical offers many metal pretreatment products that can be customized to meet your needs.

  • Our Troy 2824 Spray Wand Phosphatizer provides a method to clean and remove ferrous surfaces in steam environments, soaking tubs and high pressure washers that work with hot water temperatures.  This product can be used on a variety of metals include aluminum and other galvanized blends.  Once the cleaning process has been completed using Troy 2824, you will see a dense gray color phosphate covering.
  • Another conversion coating option is Troy’s 2826 Duracoat Powder Iron Phosphatizer.  Using a mix of phosphate salts, corrosion inhibiting chemicals and accelerators, this product will efficiently remove ferrous and aluminum surfaces leaving a phosphatized result.  This product is ideal for usage in the third stage of a dip or spray system that includes four or five stations.
  • If flash rust is a problem at your facility, Troy’s 2828 Corrosion Inhibitor is an excellent solution.  This proprietary blend of water soluble acids and amines is ideal to prevent the quick rusting of recently cleaned metal surfaces.  For the best result, use Troy 2828 on cast iron, steel and other ferrous-based metal blends.
  • To really save time in your processing, try Troy 2802 Liquid Iron Cleaner and Phosphatizer.  This popular option is a blend of wetting agents, accelerators and acid salts that can streamline your metal pretreatment.  Instead of cleaning and preparing metals in separate steps, you can do so in one step.   These products are ideal for usage in a steam phosphatizing environment as well as spray and soak processes.

Let the experts at Troy Chemical work with you to improve the metal pretreatment processes at your plant. Call us now for a complementary onsite assessment.