Troy Chemical Quality Policy

Case Studies

Intelligrated Systems Achieves New Level of Production with Improvements in Washer Chemistry

A new customer to Troy Chemical, Intelligrated Systems, approached our team when they were having issues with their current supplier and their powder coating processes. They had been struggling over several months in trying to adjust the chemistry of their metal pretreatment program, which was not delivering parts that met specifications. At the time that Troy Chemical intervened…continue reading

Troy Chemical Saves Food Plant from Citation

Working in a food processing plant means understanding many different types of equipment and being knowledgeable regarding all of the regulatory guidelines dealing with cleanliness in food preparation. Troy Chemical representatives helped save one food processing plant from a major potential infraction…continue reading

Food Plants Benefit from Troy’s Commitment to Relationships

Troy Chemical Minneapolis Branch Manager, Jim Henningsen, has serviced many food processing accounts over his 20+ years with the company. His focus is always on providing not only the best products for the customer, but also providing them with information regarding their plant that can help them avoid problems and work more efficiently…continue reading

St. Louis Metal Products Manufacturer

“I contacted a prospect who said he ‘had no issues’. His overall costs were in line; quality was not an issue; service from his current supplier seemed to be adequate; there was really no way to penetrate this account. Then we approached them with our KOOL BLUE Technology line. Our KOOL BLUE line contains products that will work at low to ambient temperatures and can potentially save thousands of dollars in energy costs for a medium to large customer…continue reading

Southern Illinois Metal Products Manufacturer

When we put in our powder coating operation in 1998 we interviewed many chemical companies and asked for proposals. What was immediately obvious to us was one company was different. When we work with vendors we have always taken the approach that it is a partnership and that was the first words from our Troy Chemical reps. Troy Chemical brought complete solutions to the table with a depth of experience and professionalism that showed in the details of their proposal…continue reading