Case Study: Intelligrated Systems Achieves New Level of Production with Improvements in Washer Chemistry

The Problem

A new customer to Troy Chemical, Intelligrated Systems, approached our team when they were having issues with their current supplier and their powder coating processes. They had been struggling over several months in trying to adjust the chemistry of their metal pretreatment program, which was not delivering parts that met specifications. At the time that Troy Chemical intervened, Intelligrated’s staff was having a real challenge in producing acceptable parts for powder coating that was slowing down their efficiency and frustrating clients.


The Solution

The customer service team at Troy Chemical started by completing a thorough assessment of the washer process and which chemical products were being used to determine the problem. By establishing a baseline, the Troy team was able to understand how the pretreatment process was falling short and what steps would be needed to correct the situation.

After the results from testing were available, discussions with the Intelligrated management team began about how to resolve the washer issue.   With the approval of the management team, Troy Chemical experts worked with the Intelligrated operators to install brand new chemistry into the washer process. In addition to upgrading the washer chemistry, Troy’s staff provided proper training and documentation on the daily procedures necessary to maintain good quality in the washing system over time.

Once the changes were implemented and running, the teams came together to evaluate the status of the process. As a result of the adjusted chemistry in the washing sequence, the new pretreatment process designed for Intelligrated by Troy Chemical was discovered to be successful. The line has been running and producing quality parts on a daily basis ever since.


The Results

As a result of the change in washer chemistry and the new partnership between Troy Chemical and Intelligrated, critical knowledge was transferred to the operators, which has allowed them to keep the line running successfully.

One of the main benefits to this partnership is that not only did the chemical products and chemistry provided work, but the Intelligrated team received updated training and awareness in best practices in metal pretreatment which will allow them to continue to keep the washer line working productively.

The Troy Chemical team and Dave Tanner, a Supervisor with Intelligrated, have now established a working partnership that will help to ensure that Intelligrated will have access to training and products that will keep their powder coating operation moving forward in the most efficient way for the future.  Said Tanner, “Troy Chemical products are high quality and the opportunity to work and create a true partnership is the way to produce a good quality pretreatment program and to control costs in chemical, energy and water, as well as a limited number of rejected parts. We look forward to a long partnership with Troy Chemical.”


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