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Create Efficiencies in Metal Pretreatment

Create Efficiencies in Metal Pretreatment

Working in the metal pretreatment business means that you need to stay current with the newest developments in products, ones that can help you to increase your efficiency. These efficiencies can be created by decreasing energy costs as well as time saving steps that can reduce the overall amount of turnaround that your processes can take.

At Troy Chemical, we offer a range of conventional cleaners and phosphatizers that can meet the needs that you have for metal pretreatment. Our Liquid Iron Phosphatizer offers a non-molybdate cleaner and phosphatizer that is ideal for steam cleaning, pressure cleaning processes, removing scale and for use in recirculating washers. This product, part of our KOOL BLUE line, provides environmental protections due to its biodegradable formulation. We also offer a recently developed Powder Iron Phosphatizer that offers a low-foaming multi-metal phosphatizer that is ideal for soak and spray applications.

As part of our metal pretreatment line, we also offer paint strippers that can reduce overall processing time with a decreased need for chemicals. Our Alkaline Paint Stripper is simply the best choice for heated soak applications with a heavy duty formulation. A dry version, our Powdered Alkaline Stripper works aggressively to remove all forms of paint and carbon. It is so efficient that we do not recommend using it on soft metals that can be damaged by this formula.

Scale and rust removers are another area where you will see a savings with Troy Chemical products. We offer product 2018, a Scale and Rust Remover that is formulated with inhibited phosphoric-type acids. This is one of the best products for cleaning cooling tower coils. Our 2108-A formula can be used for eliminating scale and rust on materials such as heat exchangers, condensers and many types of fabricated metals by using an inhibited muriatic acid system.

As you can see, there are many ways that Troy Chemical can help you to reduce your energy and chemical costs with our products. Give us a call today to learn more about our metal pretreatment chemical products that can save you in product costs, energy costs and time. Call now!