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Find Energy Saving Products with KOOL BLUE

Kool Blue

Find Energy Saving Products with KOOL BLUE

Are you confused by what is considered truly energy saving? You should be! So many products today are marketed as environmentally friendly when they really aren’t. How can you be sure that your products are protecting the environment? Take a close look at KOOL BLUE and see how we can help. Here are just a few of the ways:

  • Our KOOL BLUE products are designed to be used in a total process, not just sporadically. While moving in the direction of environmentally friendly products can help, our process is designed to quickly encompass your entire process. Our process control methodology can revolutionize how you work on a daily basis while giving you access to energy saving products.
  • KOOL BLUE saves you money by reducing energy usage. Each of our products is designed to decrease your need for not only harmful chemicals, but for the energy that it takes to complete your processes. You can be sure that your energy bills will decrease with the change to a KOOL BLUE system.
  • KOOL BLUE saves water. In addition to saving in ongoing energy costs, you will see that our products are designed to decrease the need for water. This is especially true for metal pretreatment where soak tanks are used extensively in processing.
  • KOOL BLUE works for all industries. From industrial use to metal pretreatment, food processing, truck and trailer and even pulp and paper, there is a place for KOOL BLUE products.

Ready to learn more? Call us today to hear more about how the experts at Troy Chemical can work with you to implement the KOOL BLUE system at your plant or site. We always complete an onsite assessment and give you a full product deployment plan as we work to partner with you. Call us now!