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Food Plants Benefit from Troy’s Commitment to Relationships

Food Plants Benefit from Troy’s Commitment to Relationships

Troy Chemical Minneapolis Branch Manager, Jim Henningsen, has serviced many food processing accounts over his 20+ years with the company. His focus is always on providing not only the best products for the customer, but also providing them with information regarding their plant that can help them avoid problems and work more efficiently.

Food processing plants generally run all day, every day, and the employees have many demands placed on them. Because of the schedules, continuously monitoring and troubleshooting plant processes is critical. The focus must be on prevention rather than solving problems after they arise. That is where Jim’s expertise helps his customers save money. For example, each week, Jim visits a large Midwestern commercial baking operation to check the inventory levels of their sanitation chemicals. While he is there, he talks to the staff and always makes his rounds in the plant. “Part of my job with my clients is to troubleshoot chemical dispensing units and provide training to the sanitation quality control team to help them to keep everything working properly,” Jim said.

During one visit Jim noticed something not quite right with some of the equipment. One of the dispensers was missing a backflow preventer. “When I saw that the backflow preventer was off of the faucet, I noted it in my report to management and had it replaced with a new one immediately. Food processing plants are subject to numerous audits and I want them to be able to pass easily. What I have learned is that it is often not as easy to use sanitation chemicals as employees want to think. You have to keep an eye on the equipment and the people to make sure they are using the chemicals properly,” said Jim.

The result for Jim’s customer is cost savings, not only through the use of Troy products, but through avoiding embarrassing and expensive citations, and being well-prepared for audits. Jim said, “One of the major accounts of this plant is a well-known national retailer. If they don’t pass their audit, they would lose that account. I see my job as helping them to maintain the safe and proper use of sanitation chemicals and also helping them with maintenance issues that can save them money over time. The relationships that we build between Troy and the client – that’s the most important part of the job.”