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Good Products Make the Difference in Institutional Cleaning

Good Products Make the Difference in Institutional Cleaning

Keeping institutional areas clean and sanitary is a full-time job.  With ever changing sanitation requirements, knowing what products to use and feeling confident that they will do the job can be a real challenge.  Troy Chemical’s specialized products can assist you in keeping your area clean and sanitary.  Here’s how:

  • Our products will help to decrease costs. When you use the highest quality products on the market, you have the benefit of saving money.  Not only do high quality products work more efficiently and require the application of less material to do the job, but they can save you time.
  • High quality products save energy. If you are using products that are highly effective, they will require less water and energy usage.  This means that the sprayer, scrubber and other equipment will have to run for a shorter amount of time, decreasing energy usage.
  • These products will protect your equipment. Wear and tear on equipment can be a high cost for most companies.  When you have to run your equipment for a longer period of time, you can be sure that it will need maintenance sooner.  Having chemical products that work efficiently means that you will spend less money in making sure that your machinery is working.
  • Your team will be able to work more quickly. Soils that dissolve more quickly require less time for your team to clean.  This saves you dramatically in labor costs, exposure to chemicals and potential issues.  Using highly effective products is one of the best ways to increase your productivity.

At Troy Chemical, we offer a wide range of products that work for metal pretreatment, food processing, industrial and institutional cleaning and processing.  From floor strippers to all-purpose cleaners, degreasers and rust and scale removers, we can help your business to use the most effective solutions to save you time and money.  Call today for a complimentary onsite evaluation.