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Green Business With KOOL BLUE

Green Business With KOOL BLUE

It seems as though nearly every industrial product on the market today is being touted as “green.”  Is that really true?  You may have wondered if the chemical product you are using is really as safe as it has been advertised.  With KOOL BLUE products from Troy Chemical, you can be sure that your desire to be more energy efficient and sensitive to the larger environment will be taken serious.

The idea of “green” products has become so pervasive that the Federal Trade Commission has had to implement standards before items can be advertised as environmentally friendly.  KOOL BLUE meets those requirements and more!

More than just a series of products, KOOL BLUE is a complete process-control methodology that has as its goal to improve the efficiency and decrease the cost of metal pretreatment, food processing sanitation and industrial cleaning needs.  We start by evaluating your current process and then work to implement our KOOL BLUE products using a closed-loop equipment package.

What will you find with the KOOL BLUE line of products?  Overall, you can expect to spend less money on energy costs, see a decrease in chemical usage and the accumulation of sludge as well as have the benefit of a longer tank life.  Our team will work with you to ensure that your entire team understands how to use the KOOL BLUE products as well as monitor the effectiveness of the program.  You will also see a decrease in your water usage and your costs.

As part of the KOOL BLUE process, we offer a VMI Program which can help you to manage your costs.  If your business qualifies, you won’t be billed for products until they are actually used on your site.

Sound interesting?  Want your operation to run more “green?”  Call Troy Chemical today for a complementary onsite evaluation of your processes.  Get it started today!  Give us a call now.