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Grime Has Met Its Match

Grime Has Met Its Match

Have you run across a soil type that you just can’t seem to remove?  Are you frustrated by the fact that you can’t seem to get your surfaces clean?  If this describes you, then it is time to talk to the experts at Troy Chemical about how we can create a custom cleaning solution for your toughest cleaning issues.

Over the last forty years, Troy Chemical has developed a reputation for partnering with our clients.  During that partnership, we often see issues that arise that aren’t covered by one of our current line of chemical products.  In an effort to respond to every need that our clients have, we now offer custom soil cleaning formulas.

How does the process work?  It is simple.  When you run across a soil in your environment that you are having trouble removing, give us a sample.  Our team of professional chemical engineers will evaluate it and test it to determine the exact chemical composition.  This can be completed at our fully functional lab right at our headquarters.  Once the test results are in, our team can develop a cleaning solution that will be right for that particular situation.

The benefit to your business is that you are not only having your cleaning problem solved, but you are not wasting time, energy and effort on cleaning solutions that simply won’t work.  Our chemical engineers have yet to find a soil that they could not remove.  This can be helpful in situations where the presence of the soil can effect metal pretreatment, the cleanliness of an institution or the sanitation of a food processing plant.  We see it as part of our partnership with you.

Bring your biggest grime challenges to Troy Chemical today.  We will be happy to work out a way to clean your surfaces using a custom chemical blend.  Call now for a complementary onsite evaluation or to find out how to get your soil evaluated.  Give us a call now!