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Improve Food Processing Sanitation With Troy Chemical

Improve Food Processing Sanitation With Troy Chemical

If you work in the food processing industry then you know that maintaining the high levels of sanitation necessary can be very challenging.  Troy Chemical can help you and your team to evaluate and improve your food sanitation with our proven chemicals and supportive processes.

A full line of cleaning chemicals will help you to meet your sanitation goals.  As part of our product line, we have self-foaming acid, neutral and alkaline cleaners.  Our Hi-Foam (1110) detergent is an excellent solution for pot and pan wash as well as a dish was.  If your site has stainless steel surfaces that you want to keep exceptionally clean, our Self-Foaming Cleaner/Tank and In-Line Foamer (1129) is a great option for cleaning stainless steel equipment as it is formulated to be a strong alkaline self-foaming detergent.  For amending your current cleaning product, our Foam-Add (1131) is a way to create a clinging foam in an acid and alkaline stable form.

Floor sanitation can be exceptionally challenging with team members moving in and out of processing areas regularly as well as spills and drips.  These can all compromise your ability to keep areas as clean as you would like.  For situations where you can use an automatic scrubber, our Lo-Foam Concentrate (1106) can be a solution to keeping floors spotless without having to deal with excessive foam issues.  Cold storage areas need a special cleaning formula that will work in lower temperatures.  By using our Freezer Cleaner (1155), you will be able to easily and quickly clean floors as well as walls in areas such as cold storage.

Helping your team prevent the spread of bacteria is also an area that Troy Chemical can assist you.  We offer a Food Plant Hand Cleaner (1412) that complies with the requirements of the USDA Meat and Poultry Inspection Program.  It is fragrance free and effective.

Let the experts at Troy Chemical work with you to improve or maintain the sanitation at your food processing plant.  Call us now for a complementary onsite assessment.