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Keep Your Fleet Looking Great with Troy’s Truck and Trailer Wash Products

Keep Your Fleet Looking Great with Troy’s Truck and Trailer Wash Products

If you own or manage a fleet then you know that it can be a real challenge to keep your vehicles and trailers looking presentable in inclement weather.  Road salt, grime, mud from unpaved driveways and even concrete dust from construction can make your job nearly impossible.  Troy Chemical offers a range of products that can assist you in making sure that your fleet always looks great.

Our Troy 2063 Car, Bus and Truck Wash is the cornerstone of our fleet maintenance product line.  Created from a specially blended process that includes detergents, you can be sure that Troy 2063 is effective at removing road soil materials and grime that can stick to cars, buses, trucks and trailers.  Offering a flexible application, this truck and trailer wash product can be used either as a hand wash option or mixed with a pressure washing apparatus for large vehicles or for those who are especially soiled and need additional attention.

When you first use Troy 2063, you will notice that it is a clear blue liquid with a vinyl-like odor.  With a moderate pH of 5.00 to 7.00, this product will last for two years in an unopened container in a storage area.  You will have plenty of time to use all of your truck and trailer wash and can be sure that it will work efficiently during that time.  If your storage area is exposed to freezing temperatures, you may notice that Troy 2063 might separate.  That does not change the efficiency of the cleaning process.  Simply thaw the container of cleaner and mix the product thoroughly before use.

The best way to mix Troy 2063 is to add one to two ounces per gallon for hand washing or set your pressure washer to expend one to two percent concentration while using a wand.  You’ll love that this truck and trailer wash rinses completely clean and gives a moderate to high foaming capacity.  This is what makes our truck and trailer wash so effective.  And, like many of our products, this detergent blend is completely biodegradable.

For more information on our full line of truck and trailer wash products, call Troy Chemical today!  Our team of chemical engineers and specialist are ready to talk with you about how we can meet your needs.