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KOOL BLUE is Truly Green

KOOL BLUE is Truly Green

With more and more federal guidelines requiring environmentally friendly products to be used, trying to find ones that are actually “green” can be a real challenge. So many products purport to be healthy for the environment and they simply aren’t. How can you decide what products to use and which to avoid? The KOOL BLUE option is one that you can trust to be truly green.

KOOL BLUE is one of the only total process control methods being offered on the market that is environmentally friendly from start to finish. Based on the more than four decades of experience that we have in creating chemical products, we decided to leverage our knowledge to help our clients achieve green cleaning and processing in a way that makes sense.

Our products and processes are designed to save you money. Unlike other environmentally friendly chemical products that can cost you extra money or can complicate your daily processes, making them take longer than they really should, our KOOL BLUE process and products are designed to streamline your operation. You’ll love that we not only focus on how our products work, but on creating new layers of efficiency in your processing. In addition, we will also carefully examine how your work impacts the environment, what your current energy requirements are and determine your water usage levels.

Once we fully understand your current products and processes, we will offer you a comprehensive KOOL BLUE package that will address any needs you have. We will work with you to implement your new products and can even offer you a closed loop cycle including equipment that will add more efficiency to your business.

Over time, you will see that using KOOL BLUE products will decrease chemical usage and sludge as well as increase tank life. You will see that your water usage will decrease as well. We will work with you over time to maintain your processes and even inform you of new developments that can positively affect your business.

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