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KOOL BLUE Offers Environmentally Safe Cleaning

KOOL BLUE Offers Environmentally Safe Cleaning

In today’s competitive marketplace, customers want to know that you are doing more than just offering effective products and services. In fact, with the focus on green processes and materials, they may be asking you about what chemicals you use and their impact on the environment. If that is the case, then it is time to take a look at the products that are offered by Troy Chemical. Our KOOL BLUE line is truly a green option for companies that are interested in environmentally friendly products and processing opportunities.

Federal regulations have made it more difficult to use chemicals that damage the environment, and yet many products that are on the market today for metal pretreatment, industrial use and food processing are not that green. While they may be positioned as an environmentally friendly brand, once you read the label, you realize that they aren’t.

That is the reason that the chemical engineers at Troy Chemical have developed the KOOL BLUE brand. KOOL BLUE is the reflection of forty years of experience in the chemical industry. Created to be a completely green option, this line of products offers options for nearly every application. This is ideal for companies who are looking for a new way to clean, strip wax, rust or prepare a surface for painting.

What makes Troy Chemical different is that we are not just committed to offering products that are good for the environment. In fact, when we work with you as a customer, we partner with you to provide a full range of services that not only provide KOOL BLUE products, but can also save you money. Our team will evaluate your process and determine where you can save money and how you can be more effective in your service offerings. Over time, this partnership will save you money and help you to streamline the amount of time it takes to complete your processes, not to mention a savings in energy and product costs.

Would you like to hear more about how Troy Chemical’s KOOL BLUE line of products can help you to save money, time and protect the environment? Call now for a complementary onsite evaluation from our product team.