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KOOL BLUE Products Designed To Meet Clients’ Environmental Needs

KOOL BLUE Products Designed To Meet Clients’ Environmental Needs

Taking care of the environment has become a high priority for most companies in industry today.  With new requirements for using chemicals, having access to an effective line of biodegradable chemicals is critical to working in an efficient manner with the highest level of compliance.

To that end, Troy Chemical has pioneered the KOOL BLUE line. In an era when so many products are being touted as “green,” KOOL BLUE is one of the few chemical product lines that is actually safe for the environment.

How did the KOOL BLUE line come about?  When the experts at Troy Chemical realized that far too many products, both for home use and industrial use, were being advertised as “green” when they clearly had ingredients that weren’t environmentally sensitive, they began to think of a way to offer a truly green product.  Since the term “green” had taken on so many meanings – some of them representing products that did have only biodegradable compounds and some of them only containing one or two biodegradable compounds – the experts at Troy decided to develop their own line.

The KOOL BLUE line is more than just an array of product options.  In fact, it is a total process-control methodology that will help you and your company to increase the efficiency of your processes and decrease the overall costs of running your pretreatment systems.  As you get to know the KOOL BLUE line, you will discover that there will be savings for you in the energy costs and requirements for your business, you will decrease the environmental impact and still be able to see the high quality of pretreatment, sanitation and cleaning that you expect from Troy’s products.

Would you like to learn more about the KOOL BLUE line and how it can help you to decrease costs, save energy and increase efficiencies?  Give us a call today and we will be happy to demonstrate our line of green products and meet with you at your convenience. Call us now to chat about your needs and schedule your complementary consultation.