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Troy Chemical Industries is an ISO 9001-certified private label chemical manufacturer with more than 40 years of experience in the toll blending, private label, contract chemical blending  industry.  We are experienced in packaging, and custom formulation of private label chemicals.  Strategically located  near Cleveland, Ohio, we are fully regulatory-compliant, and all of our employees are trained and certified in their respective positions to fulfill your private label chemical needs. Contact us today!

We have blending and packaging capabilities for liquids of all sizes, from eight ounces up to full-sized tankers. Standard packaging sizes for our private label products are pints, quarts, 4/1-gallon, 5-gallon pails, 15-gallon drums, 55-gallon drums as well as  275 and 330-gallon non-returnable totes.

We can also custom blend and package private label chemical powders from eight ounces to bulk sizes in heat-seal bags, boxes, pails, drums and bulk sacks. Custom packages for our private label chemical manufactured products are available upon request. Labels can be generated on-site with your logo and artwork and induction seals can be applied if required.

We have standard low-shear mixers as well as high-shear dispersion capability, with batch sizes from 50 gallons up to tankers. DI or softened water is used in all batches for our private label clients, per your specification.  For convenience, Troy Chemical can blend and package one of your formulas or private-label one of our formulas, and drop-ship to you or directly to your customer on your bill of lading, all in strict confidentiality. Give us a call to discuss your project needs.


We have the laboratory capability to custom-formulate to you or your customer’s specifications. Full analytical and QC testing capability ensures that the product meets your specifications every time. Each batch is tested prior to packaging per our ISO 9001 Quality System, and a Certificate of Analysis is provided with each batch. Troy chemists will prepare the MSDS for custom formulations.

For reliable people, processes, and products, contact us now.


Some companies prefer not to manufacture their own products.  Many companies are moving away from fixed assets like manufacturing plants.  Private labeled products offer distinct benefits that can create additional efficiencies and profits.  Here are just a few of the key advantages to chemical private label products for your business:

  • Private labeled products mean that companies can take advantage of quality products that have already proven themselves in the marketplace. From fleet maintenance products to industrial cleaners, many companies turn to a manufacturer that they trust for their products, which decreases their overall costs.
  • Private labeling saves on research and development costs too. For companies that don’t want to, or don’t have the capability to develop their own products, private labeling can provide a substantial savings.  And if your products haven’t already been formulated, a private label company can help you develop them without the need to commit to experimentation and testing on your part.
  • Private labeling promotes partnership. Private labeling helps establish a relationship with a company that offers specialized technical chemical product development experience.

Want to learn more about private label processing for your manufacturing facility?  Call the experts at Troy Chemical today to learn more about how we can help you to replicate the products that you need quickly and within your budget.  Call now!