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Products that Get Your Floors Shipshape

Products that Get Your Floors Shipshape

Proper institutional cleaning is not only critical to sanitation, but also to the impression that customers have of your site.  Think about how a patient entering a hospital would feel if the floors weren’t clean!  That is why Troy Chemical offers a full line of products that are effective for floor cleaning. 

Over more than four decades of work, we have developed a wide range of institutional cleaning and chemical products.  These include floor coatings, floor cleaners, floor strippers and all-purpose cleaners.

If your floors are truly in need of restoration, then starting with a stripper may be the best options.  Our wax stripper and heavy duty cleaner, known as Troy 1111 Super Stripit, is an excellent choice for detergent resistant finishes.  It will easily remove wax and get the surface really clean.  You can also try our HD Wax Remover (Troy 1122A), which will quickly dissolve wax and provide a beautifully clean surface.

Coating your floor after it is clean will help to streamline floor cleaning procedures in the future.  Our team has developed products that can be used for everything from tile to terrazzo flooring.  Sealkote 1004 can be used as both a sealer and a base coat for resilient flooring products and terrazzo floors.  Our Hi-Gloss 1018 product is a good choice for floors that need to be buffed.

To keep floors clean, consider adding a Troy Chemical cleaning product to your daily work.  A low foam cleaner, such as Troy 1106, can be used in automatic scrubbers and will leave your floors looking great.  You can also use Troy 1107 Concentrate for daily maintenance.

Call us today to talk about how we can help you get your floors looking great and staying that way.  Call now to schedule an onsite visit with one of our customer service representatives who can help create an overall floor cleaning plan.