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Testimonial from St. Louis Metal Products Manufacturer

Testimonial from St. Louis Metal Products Manufacturer

This is an actual case history sent in by a Troy Chemical salesperson:

“I contacted a prospect who said he ‘had no issues.’ His overall costs were in line; quality was not an issue; service from his current supplier seemed to be adequate; there was really no way to penetrate this account. Then we approached them with our KOOL BLUE Technology line. Our KOOL BLUE line contains products that will work at low to ambient temperatures and can potentially save thousands of dollars in energy costs for a medium to large customer.

Ambient technology is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution. It must fit the customer’s profile and has to be able to meet or exceed his quality standards. Controlling the incoming soil, in-house soil load and substrates is critical. In this particular case, we were not only able to save on energy costs, but also were able to improve upon the paint adhesion and corrosion resistance.

Their process consisted of:
  • Tank #1: Alkaline Cleaner – 3% use dilution – 130+ degrees
  • Tank #2: Overflowing rinse
  • Tank #3: Iron Phosphate – 3% use dilution – 125 degrees
  • Tank #4: Overflowing rinse

They only utilized tank #3 on certain parts. We improved their overall process by going to our KOOL BLUE line.

Their new process entails:
  • Tank #1: KOOL BLUE mild alkaline, no heat cleaner – 3% use dilution
  • Tank #2: Overflowing rinse
  • Tank #3: Overflowing rinse
  • Tank #4: KOOL BLUE – Non-Phos Coater & Sealer – no heat

Since we moved our coater product to a former rinse tank, which are always smaller in size, we not only saved on energy costs but also saved on chemical usage. We are operating at a 3% ratio of a 500 gallon tank now versus the former 1800 gallon tank. Actual energy savings realized are approximately $15,000 annually. The chemical savings realized was over 25%!”

Troy’s KOOL BLUE Non-Phos Coater & Sealer not only met the quality goals, but exceeded them. Corrosion protection has been improved and, since it is in the last stage now, the chemical stays cleaner, which increases the tank life. Bringing education and awareness enabled Troy Chemical to gain a new customer and allowed him to save money. It truly was a win-win situation.

Troy KOOL BLUE products can produce real and significant savings. While the ambient technology is not a ‘one size fits all’ process, it is certainly a good idea to allow Troy Chemical to take a look at your pretreatment process to see what possible improvements can be made. There may be thousands of dollars of savings waiting to be realized.

This particular customer had ‘no issues’ but ended up saving thousands of dollars!

We look forward to the opportunity to bring about real savings for your company. Contact Troy Chemical today!