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Take it from Our Customers…

Take it from Our Customers…

Our customers say it best. While we can tell you all about the products and services that we offer, the reality is that our long-standing relationship with our clients over our more than forty years of business is what really allows Troy Chemical to stand out. We offer case studies so that you can see how hard we work to ensure that our clients have not only the best products, but the best service in the industry. Here is a quick review of just a few of the positive reports our clients have sent to us.

Troy’s experience in food processing helped to prevent a possible citation from the local health and sanitation department. As part of our regular work cycle, our field representative did an inspection of the plant to check for any issues. During his visit, he saw that a metering tip had been removed to complete a cleaning cycle. Having metering tips in position and working properly are critical as they ensure that the right amounts of chemicals are being used at the correct rate. Noticing that it had been removed, the Troy representative informed the supervisor and made a note in his report. This gave the client the opportunity to quickly remediate the situation before it became an issue with the local agency.

In another situation, a Troy field representative saw that a chemical pump was coming loose from a wall due to a rusted metal bracket. If the bracket had come loose, production at this warewashing facility would have been suspended, delaying work and creating issues with production schedules. The Troy field representative noted this in his report and spoke with the onsite supervisor. It was quickly fixed and work was able to continue without delay.

As you can see, having a real partner in your business can save you time, protect your business and prevent delays. That is the benefit of working with Troy Chemical. We partner with you to ensure that your work is being completed in the most efficient and effective way. Call us now for more information and to learn how we can work with you to streamline your operations and decrease your energy costs. Call us today!