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Tired of Floor Care Problems?

Tired of Floor Care Problems?

Road dirt, mud, winter salt, pollen, grease, food stains – these are just a few of the soils that are typically found on indoor floors.  Floor care problems can take up way too much of your time and prevent you from working on other projects that need your attention.  Here are just a few ways to solve your floor care problems:

  • Try removing the wax. If you have noticed that the wax is built up on the floor and has trapped particles in it, then it may be time to remove the wax.  A heavy duty wax stripper, such as Troy 1122-A, can help remove all of the wax that has been applied to the floor.  This can be applied through a spray process, which will allow the wax to dissolve and wipe off easily.
  • Detergent resistant finishes need specialized products. Some floors have detergent resistant finishes.  If you have found that your floor won’t respond to a traditional wax remover, then this may be the issue that you are facing.  Look for a product that specializes in wax removal for detergent resistant floors to make your job easy and get your floor clean.  Troy 1111 is an effective choice.
  • Once your floor is clean, keep it that way. Using the right products on a daily or weekly basis will help to keep your floor clean. Try an all-purpose heavy duty cleaner that is environmentally friendly.  Non-phosphated, silicate cleaners (Troy 1107 EF) are a good option for daily floor cleaning.
  • Try a new formula for your automatic scrubber. Making sure your automatic scrubber is working efficiently really depends on the product you are using in it.  A low foaming detergent concentrate can be one of the best ways to get your floors clean.  Choosing a product such as 1106 is a way to increase the efficiency of your scrubbing equipment.

Need more suggestions on how to get your floors clean?  Call Troy Chemical today and learn more about our floor cleaning products.  Call now to speak to a product specialist and to schedule a complementary onsite visit.