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Troy 1018 Hi-Gloss Detergent-Resistant Floor Finish

Troy 1018 Hi-Gloss Detergent-Resistant Floor Finish

TROY 1018 HI-GLOSS is a detergent-resistant, metal interlocked finish designed for use on resilient and hard surface floor materials where exceptional resistance to damp-mopping with detergent solutions is advantageous.  TROY 1018 HI-GLOSS has superior leveling characteristics, excellent recoatability, and it dries to a clear, colorless, bright film that is further enhanced by buffing.



To strip the floor, select the recommended dilution of TROY 1103 STRIPIT or TROY 1111 H. D. STRIPIT.  Use a floor machine and a stripping pad.  Rinse thoroughly.  Apply one thin-to-medium coat of TROY 1018 with mop or applicator and let it dry 30 minutes.  Apply additional coats as required to obtain desired results.



Remove soil by damp-mopping with clear water or with the recommended dilution of TROY 1107 CONCENTRATE.  Machine buffing will enhance gloss.  Areas of heavy traffic can be recoated without refinishing the entire floor.







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