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Troy 1102 Ultrapine

Troy 1102 Ultrapine

TROY 1102 ULTRAPINE is a biodegradable, silicated, non-phosphated, all-purpose cleaner that is fortified with pine oil to provide additional solvency and deodorizing properties without harsh alkalinity.  It has a broad spectrum of application and, at the proper dilution, is safe on most surfaces.

Because ULTRAPINE is biodegradable and non-phosphated, it can be used safely where ecological controls require the elimination of non-biodegradable detergents and phosphates from cleaning formulations.



  • Concentrated; can be diluted as much as 1:40.
  • Excellent solvent for greases, oils, waxes.
  • Not a pollutant.
  • The pine oil in ULTRAPINE functions as a deodorant and gives the area where it is used a pleasant pine scent.
  • Versatile; wide range of usage.
  • Contains no harsh alkalis.
  • Completely soluble; easy to use.



Walls, floors, woodwork, painted surfaces, venetian blinds, light fixtures:  Use 1 part ULTRAPINE with 40 parts water.

Wax stripping and heavy duty cleaning:  Use 1 part ULTRAPINE to 20 or 30 parts water.

Machinery cleaning, concrete floors, etc.:  Use 1 part ULTRAPINE to 20 parts water.  Increase or decrease dilutions to obtain optimum results. 


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