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Troy 1180 Non-Phosphate Liquid Alkaline Cleaner

Troy 1180 Non-Phosphate Liquid Alkaline Cleaner

Troy 1180 is a highly alkaline phosphate-free spray washer cleaner for use with ferrous metals.



Ideal for cleaning prior to either phosphatizing or using Troy 2846, a non-phosphate conversion coating. Can be safely used as directed on steel, iron, stainless steel, copper and nickel.



  • Phosphate-free chemistry
  • Excellent rinsing
  • Rapid and complete wetting. Provides a water break-free surface.
  • Low to no foam


  •  Removes the heaviest soils prior to further treatment and painting
  •  Eliminates phosphates in plant effluent
  •  Minimizes and controls foam caused by the buildup of lubricants and drawing and polishing compounds commonly found in the metal forming and painting industry


Guidelines for Use:

Use in spray washers at ½ to 4 oz /gal of water, depending on the type and amount of soil to be cleaned. Maintain temperature between 110 and 160°F.


Packaging, Storage, and Handling:

  • Troy 1180 Non-Phosphate Liquid Alkaline Cleaner is available in 55-gal. drums and 5-gal. pails.
  • Product should be protected from extreme cold.
  • Shelf life approximately one year in unopened container


Additional Information:

  • Specific gravity: 1.230
  • pH, 1% solution: 13.5 – 14.0
  • For additional product data, or to obtain an MSDS, contact your Troy representative



Troy 1180 is not recommended for use on aluminum, tin, zinc, galvanized, or cadmium, and will darken bronze and brass.

Do not get in eyes, on skin or on clothing. Avoid breathing mists or sprays. Do not take internally. Wash thoroughly after handling. Keep container closed when not in use. Always wear rubber gloves, goggles and protective clothing when contact is likely. Always have a safety shower and eye wash fountain available for first aid.

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