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Troy 1412 Food Plant Hand Cleaner

Troy 1412 Food Plant Hand Cleaner

TROY 1412 FOOD PLANT HAND CLEANER is a fragrance free hand washing compound, authorized for use under USDA Meat and Poultry Inspection Program.

TROY 1412 FOOD PLANT HAND CLEANER is a blend of cosmetic grade surfactants, emollients and antibacterial agents that gently yet thoroughly cleans hands. TROY 1412 is NOT an iodine base hand sanitizer, and it will not stain hands, sinks or rings. TROY 1412 is not absorbed through the skin.



MEAT, FOOD PLANTS & RESTAURANTS: TROY 1412 effectively reduces the bacterial flora of the skin. Hands need not be washed prior to using TROY 1412. For one-step hand-washing, place approximately 5 cc. in palm of hand, add 15 cc. of water and wash thoroughly in normal manner.

Rinse hands thoroughly with potable water after washing with TROY 1412.



Keep out of reach of children. Do not swallow. If contents come in contact with eyes, flush with water for at least 15 minutes and get medical attention. Do not allow concentrate to come in contact with food. Rinse empty container with water and discard.







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