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Troy 2004 Glisten Glass Cleaner

Troy 2004 Glisten Glass Cleaner


TROY 2004 GLISTEN GLASS CLEANER is designed specifically for cleaning and brightening windows, mirrors and all glass surfaces. It makes glass clean, crystal clear, quickly and easily without water and keeps it cleaner, longer.

Ideal for windows, partitions and mirrors, TROY GLISTEN GLASS CLEANER is a “must” for glass doors, display cases and counters that require constant attention. Sprayed with a fine mist or wiped on with a soft cloth, then polished with a soft, clean cloth or lint-free paper towel before the mist dries, glass doors and other often-smudged glass surfaces wipe clean and shining bright in seconds and will stay bright longer.

An attractive, non-flammable biodegradable liquid, TROY GLISTEN GLASS CLEANER is also highly effective for cleaning ceramic tile, porcelain and chrome. Because it requires only a light mist to clean thoroughly, it is very economical.



Apply through a sprayer or atomizer, or wipe with a soft cloth onto the surface to be cleaned. Wipe away dirt, film or g rime with clean cloth or paper towel before cleaner dries. TROY GLISTEN GLASS CLEANER leaves glass shining and crystal clear and resistant to dirt build-up.








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