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Troy 2055 Easy Wash

Troy 2055 Easy Wash


Troy 2055 Easy Wash is a lemon yellow concentrate. A formula of superior emulsifiers and wetting agents that will literally float away greasy food soils, yet is mild to the hands. Troy 2055 Easy Wash has a long lasting high suds level under even the heaviest soil loads. The special blend of surfactants reduces breakage by eliminating the slick feel left by other dish detergents. Troy 2055 Easy Wash is safe on all ceramics, glass, plastic and metals and rinses freely for spot and streak-free ware.

For non-porous, food contact, hard surfaces use at 0.5 – 1.0 ounce per gallon of warm water.



Appearance: Clear viscous yellow liquid with lemon scent

pH (Concentrate): 7.00 – 9.00

pH (1% Solution): 7.00 – 8.00

Shelf Life: Six months in unopened container

Phosphates: None

Rinsing: Excellent

Wetting: Excellent

Foam: Copious

Biodegradability: Yes, all detergents







NOTE: See package label and Material Safety Data Sheet for additional information and precautions pertaining to the use and storage of this product.


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