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Troy 2063 Car, Bus & Truck Wash

Troy 2063 Car, Bus & Truck Wash


TROY 2063 CAR, BUS & TRUCK WASH is a specially blended product containing detergents to remove sticky road soils and grime.

TROY 2063 can be used in a hand wash operation or through a pressure washer.



Appearance: Clear blue liquid with “vinyl” like odor

pH (Concentrate): 5.00 – 7.00

Shelf life: Two years in unopened container

Phosphates (P): None

Stability: If frozen, thaw and mix before using

Rinsing: Good

Wetting: Excellent

Foam: Moderate to high

Biodegradable: All detergents are completely biodegradable



TROY 2063 Car, Bus & Truck Wash is used at 1–2 ounces/gallon for hand washing and 1–2% concentration at the gun for pressure washing.



55-Gallon Drums


NOTE : See package label and Material Safety Data Sheet for additional information and precautions pertaining to the use and storage of this product.

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