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Troy 2101 Scale Rust and Concrete Remover

Kool Blue

Troy 2101 Scale Rust and Concrete Remover


For safe and easy removal of rust from iron and steel. TROY 2101 is useful for preparing metal surfaces for painting. Paint will adhere better to iron and steel surfaces when cleaned with TROY 2101. This product meets ASTM A967 requirements. Also useful on concrete mixing and batching equipment to clean and prevent buildup.



Appearance: Clear Viscous Liquid

Density: 9.25 lbs./Gal.

Solubility: 100 %

pH (1% Aqueous): 1.50 – 3.50

Odor: Mild

Rinsing: Complete

Flash Point: None

Stability: Stable

Foaming: None



For general cleaning of iron and steel, apply full strength with a paint brush, roller or sponge. Allow a dwell time of 5 to 20 minutes depending on the amount of rust to be removed. If heavy encrustations are present, use a wire brush to clean before applying. In severe conditions, it may be necessary to apply TROY 2101 several times. If this occurs, allow a longer dwell time, overnight if possible.

For use with concrete equipment, apply full strength to remove laitance, adjusting dwell time and scrubbing effort to the conditions. Not intended for removal of hardened concrete. Will retard the setting time of fresh concrete.



55 Gallon Drum

5 Gallon Pail

4 x 1 Gallon Case


NOTE: See package label and Material Safety Data Sheet for additional information and precautions pertaining to the use and storage of this product. At recommended time, temperature and concentration, this product meets ASTM A967 requirements.

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