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Troy 2108-A Scale & Rust Remover

Troy 2108-A Scale & Rust Remover


Troy 2108-A Scale & Rust Remover is an inhibited muriatic acid solution, designed for use as a heavy duty scale remover.

Troy 2108-A can be used for cleaning problems associated with heat exchangers, condensers, coolers, etc. Usually, the equipment can be cleaned with no dismantling, which greatly reduces downtime.



For removing scale and mineral buildups from stainless steel processing equipment, use 1 to 4% Troy 2108-A. Vary dilution as required to obtain desired results.



Prevent all contact with eyes and skin. Use with adequate ventilation. Avoid breathing irritating vapors. Before moving container, be sure closure is securely fastened. Keep out of sun and away from heat. Never use pressure to empty. Always use appropriate safety equipment, including respiratory protection of TLV of 5 ppm is exceeded, rubber gloves, chemical splash goggles and protective clothing.



Always add product to water. Never add water to product. Do not mix with other products.


NOTE: See Material Safety Data Sheet for additional information pertaining to this product.


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