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Troy 2108 Scale & Rust Remover

Troy 2108 Scale & Rust Remover

Product Information

Troy 2108 Scale & Rust Remover is an inhibited acid formulation, designed to remove rust, scale, oxides and stains from ferrous surfaces. It can also be used to descale cooling systems, and is recommended in place of the more aggressive and dangerous muriatic acid solutions. When used in cooling systems, Troy 2108 requires no after-neutralization.

The formulation includes chelating and wetting agents that enhance penetration of scales and hard water deposits, rust and other metal oxide buildups.

Troy 2108 also contains a very effective inhibitor system and, as a result, working solutions will not produce any significant attack on ferrous surfaces.



Rust Remover: on ferrous surfaces (equipment, tanks, parts prior to processing)

Descaler: for chemical and processing equipment

Descaler: for cooling towers and air conditioners



Troy 2108 contains Phosphoric Acid, Causes Irritation. Avoid Contact with eyes, skin and clothing.


Note: See label and Material Safety Data Sheet for additional application and use information and warnings pertaining to the use of the product







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