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Troy 2109 FP Acid Cleaner

Troy 2109 FP Acid Cleaner


TROY 2109 FP ACID CLEANER is designed for use in food processing plants for all types of acid cleaning. TROY 2109 FP rapidly penetrates and removes tenacious mineral deposits and proteinaceous soils from processing lines and equipment in food processing plants. Recommended application is by brush, immersion or circulation.




Brush Cleaning1-2 oz./gal. water
Heavy CleaningUp to 32 oz./gal. water
Circulation Cleaning2-3 oz./gal. water
Foam Cleaning1 gal./50 gal. water
100-1600 F. maximum
Cleaning Time:
As required



CONTAINS PHOSPHORIC ACID. Avoid contact with skin, eyes and clothing. Causes skin and eye irritation. Do not take internally. When handling, wear proper goggles or face shield and protective clothing.


NOTE: See label and Material Safety Data Sheet for first aid and handling and storage information.







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