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Troy 2124 Acid Compound for Metal Preperation

Troy 2124 Acid Compound for Metal Preperation

Product Information

Troy 2124 is a liquid acidic compound designed for removing light grease, oils, shop dirt, flux, rust, oxides and heat scale and for preparing metals for painting. It is also used for cleaning and conditioning aluminum prior to surface conversion processing.

Troy 2124 meets the following Federal and Military specifications: TT-O-490, Method VI, and MIL-C10578, Type 1.


Chemical Characteristics

Chemical Composition: Phosphoric acid, solvents & surfactants

Physical Form: As received: light-amber liquid

Foaming Tendency: Moderate when circulated; severe when sprayed.

Behavior in hard water: Solubilizes hard water salts

Rinsability: Good with hot water, fair with cold water

Biodegradable Surfactants: yes

Phosphate-Free: no

Normal working concentrations: 1:30 (2 to 50%) by volume

Normal working temperatures: 27-60o C or 80-140o F

pH at working concentrations: under 2.0 at 21o C or 70o F


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