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Troy 2506 Smokehouse Cleaner

Troy 2506 Smokehouse Cleaner


TROY 2506 SMOKEHOUSE CLEANER is a heavy duty alkaline cleaning compound. It is biodegradable and has controlled foaming action. TROY 2506 is economical to use; handles the toughest jobs; rapidly emulsifies fats and greases; provides fast, streak-free rinsing.



TROY 2506 is recommended for cleaning stainless steel, tile, or brick smokehouses. It is effective on tile floors and walls, as well as Dutch Loaf ovens.



For pressure spray-cleaning, use 1-3 oz./gal. at 160° F.

For water injector spray-cleaning, use 5-16 oz./gal. at 160° F.

In both operations, hose-rinse with warm water, drain and allow to air-dry.



Wear rubber gloves, goggles, apron and protective clothing and boots when handling or making up solutions. Avoid eye and skin contact. In case of contact, flush immediately with large quantities of water and get medical attention. When making up solution, add slowly to cool water, with constant agitation until dissolved. Do not take internally.


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