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Troy 2513 Alkaline Metal Cleaner

Troy 2513 Alkaline Metal Cleaner


Troy 2513 Alkaline Metal Cleaner is a powdered, easy to handle, chelated alkaline soak-tank cleaner with exceptional grease and oil removal properties. This heavy duty, soap-free product gives long solution life, has excellent cleaning ability and is completely free rinsing. It will remove light rust and brighten stainless steel.

Use TROY 2513 to:

  • remove grease and oil from automotive and locomotive parts.
  •  clean heavily pigmented drawing compounds from steel stampings.
  •  clean shop oil and grease from steel parts prior to phosphatizing and painting.
  • remove grease, oil, and light carbon from valves, fittings and other oil field equipment in the petroleum industry.



Troy 2513 Alkaline Metal Cleaner is recommended at a concentration of 2 – 7%, depending on the soil type and soil load. The recommended temperature is 140° F to 180° F. When adding to the tank, be very careful. ALWAYS add this material to water with agitation to prevent boiling and spattering. NEVER add water to this material. Always wear appropriate safety and clothing, such as rubber gloves, rubber apron and full face shield.



Troy 2513 Alkaline Metal Cleaner is available in 450# drums.


NOTE: See Package label and Material Safety Data Sheet for additional information and precautions; pertaining to the use and storage of this product.

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