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Troy 2701 FP Food Plant Cleaner

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Troy 2701 FP Food Plant Cleaner


TROY 2701 FP is an alkaline, biodegradable, liquid cleaning compound that is formulated for applications in the food-processing industry where cleaners are necessary to solubilize and remove grease, oil and proteinaceous build-ups from equipment, walls and floors.

TROY 2701 FP can be used safely on aluminum and well-bonded paint.

TROY 2701 FP can be used through steam cleaning equipment, low pressure sprayers, foaming equipment or by the mop and bucket method.



Steam and pressure cleaning: Use 1 quart TROY 2701 FP to 10 gallons of water in the solution tank. The dilution at the gun would be approximately 1:40.

Foam cleaning: Adjust the metering valve so that the dilution at the foam wand is in the 1:20 to 1:30 range.

Machinery cleaning: Use at 1:10 to 1:20 dilution, depending upon the soil that is to be removed.

Concrete or asphalt surfaces: Use 1 part Troy 2701 FP to 10 parts water.







TROY 2701 FP contains alkaline cleaning agents. Do not get in eyes or on skin. For hand use, wear rubber gloves. Avoid inhaling vapors. Use with adequate ventilation.


NOTE:Use Material Safety Data Sheet for additional information.


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