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Troy Chemical Saves Food Plant from Citation

Troy Chemical Saves Food Plant from Citation

Working in a food processing plant means understanding many different types of equipment and being knowledgeable regarding all of the regulatory guidelines dealing with cleanliness in food preparation. Troy Chemical representatives helped save one food processing plant from a major potential infraction.

While checking chemical dispensing equipment during regular weekly sanitation service calls, a Troy Chemical representative sometimes discovers that a threaded metering tip is either completely removed or an incorrect metering tip has been inserted instead. These metering tips are used to determine how much chemical needs to be dispensed. Without the proper metering tip chemicals are applied outside of their target concentration range. This could lead to improperly cleaned and sanitized equipment, and citations if noted during an inspection. At the very least, it results in significant overuse/under-use of chemical and increased chemical costs.

Troy’s representative not only informed the company’s sanitation manager, but also talked with sanitation employees so they understood the importance of leaving the metering tips alone.

During another weekly sanitation chemical service call, a Troy representative discovered a chemical pump that was close to becoming dislodged from the wall due to a rusted mounting plate. If the pump had disconnected, chemical feed to the warewasher would have been suspended resulting in loss of detergent. Maintenance was promptly advised and this was repaired immediately.

Identifying these issues saved this food processing plant thousands of dollars in potential fines and assured that equipment was cleaned and sanitized properly. Building positive relationships with customers while helping to improve their productivity is the goal of Troy Chemical Industries.

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