Truck & Trailer Wash

Leading Truck and Trailer Wash Cleaning Products

Troy Chemical manufactures powerful truck and trailer washing chemicals, formulated especially for the transportation industry. Our cleaning products, ranging from rust inhibitors and degreasers to aluminum brighteners, are no match for grease, road grime, dirt, and rust. They are ideal for organizations that need to maintain a fleet of vehicles, or for companies that specialize in truck and trailer restoration. Troy Chemical truck wash chemicals feature a custom formula of detergents, builders, and organic solvents designed to handle the toughest cleaning challenges. When you choose our leading truck and trailer cleaning products, you will get a cost-effective cleaning solution that is efficient and economical.

Our truck cleaning products can be used for far more than truck and trailer exteriors. These powerful cleaning chemicals are also ideal for cleaning boats, dingy tires and wheels, dull interiors and removing layers of old wax, as well as for cleaning, restoring, and deodorizing interiors. Choose from top truck and trailer wash products like our 2103 Premium Aluminum Brightener, our 1801 Trailer Cleaner—formulated especially for the trailer industry—and the 1122 Heavy Duty Degreaser.

Are you seeking the best truck wash chemicals for your business or organization? Contact us today and receive a customized service plan, including the cleaning formulas to meet your needs as well as thorough evaluation, training, and follow-up programs. When you work with Troy Chemical, we become your partners, ensuring our truck wash products are meeting your needs—and your budget.


Hear From One of Our Customers

“Our job as a bulk hauler means that we have the toughest cleaning challenges in the trucking business. After trying other suppliers, I have to say that we love working with Troy Chemical. Their truck and trailer products make it much easier to keep our fleet looking good on the road and that is important to us. We have saved money and time because of the expertise of their professional staff and the quality of their products. We’d highly recommend them to anyone in the fleet business.”

— Kim Kuhnle of Kuhnle Trucking

Heavy duty dilutable spray cleaner and degreaser
1122Heavy Duty Degreaser
The combination of excellent detergency plus the organic solvent results in an aggressive cleaner that will solubilize most soils that generally yield only to highly caustic or strong solvent emulsion cleaners.
1122-AH.D. Wax Remover
A built detergent cellosolve system that is formulated for heavy duty wax stripping.
1801Trailer Cleaner
Formulated for the trailer industry remove most grease, dirt, oil, insect smears, tar and other grime from trailers and cabs. It is safe on all metals, glass, plastic and rubber IF RINSED IMMEDIATELY after cleaning.
2063Car, Bus & Truck Wash
A specially blended product containing detergents to remove sticky road soils and grime.
2101Scale Rust and Concrete Remover
For preparing metal surfaces for painting.
2103Premium Aluminum Brightener
Used in a spray operation, followed by a pressure rinse.
2105Non Fluoride Aluminum Brightener
2106H.D. Aluminum Brightener
A blend of detergents, wetting agents and acids that clean and brighten in one easy operation.
2108Scale & Rust Remover
An inhibited acid formulation, designed to remove rust, scale, oxides and stains from ferrous surfaces.
2122Aluminum Brightener Concentrate
2129Emulsion Cleaner
A fast-acting material that foams away even the heaviest diesel smoke trails without hand-brushing.
2604H.D. Emulsion Cleaner
A blend of aliphatic hydrocarbons and nonionic detergent, designed to function as a degreaser and solvent cleaner.
2064Truck And Trailer Wash With Salt Eliminator
Troy 2064 is a Highly Concentrated Premium Tractor/Trailer Cleaner and Brightener with Cor-rosion Inhibitor and Salt Eliminator. Troy 2604 can be used in a hand wash operation or through a pressure washer.
1110-ACar And Truck Wash Concentrate
TROY 1110-A is a concen-trated, free-rinsing, biode-gradable car and truck wash-ing compound, formulated for tunnel car washing and foaming brush applications.